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Driveway Pressure Washing
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We have received 5 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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We Have Years Of Experience Pressure Washing!

What's Up With YOUR Driveway?

  • The wear and tear of years of extreme weather have really aged it!
  • It's changing colors from what it used to be...
  • The stains just don't seem to wash off!

Dirty, Old, Ugly, Driveway.

...That Is The Saddest Description Of A Driveway I Have Ever Heard...

We Can Give You A "Good As New" Driveway!

This'll Only Take A Second...

We can answer whatever questions you have in just a few seconds! We're only one phone call away! If you want a free quote, that's only one phone call away too! We keep things easy and simple so that it can be done as fast as possible.

Do You See It!?

Your new driveway is almost here and it'll finally be its original color again! Seems a little crazy now, but it is well on its way! When you call and set up a service time, your work is over! The only thing you have left to do is imagine the beautiful driveway you're about to have!

Here We Are!

You found us! We are the best pressure washing team in the area! We have done hundreds of driveways over the years, so by this point, we are definitely experts at our trade.
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Peter Griswold

Rocky Hill, CT

Date: July 2016
Eric came by and gave us a quote to clean the roof in the back of our house. The quote was reasonable and it was great speaking with him. Eric and his crew came over the next week and took care of the mold on my roof. The crew was professional and I would recommend Eric and his crew for future jobs."

""It Was Great Speaking With Him""

Joseph Buehler

Rocky Hill, CT

Date: July 2016
Patriot Pressure Washing was run professionally and did the job efficiently with excellent results. I would use them again for future jobs."

""Excellent Results" "

Ryan G


Date: June 2016
I called Eric and he showed up the same day to provide me with a free estimate. He had a positive attitude and explained everything that he was going to do. He was able to get the job done the next day, because I explained to him that I was having company and wanted the house to look clean. Eric and his crew came the next day and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend him without hesitation!!!!"

""Exceeded My Expectations""

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