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We Make School's Sparkling Clean!

School Pressure Washing
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We have received 5 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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We're The "Know-How" For Getting The Results You Want

Why Does Your School Need To Be Pressure Washed?

  • I don't have the tools or the time to do it myself.
  • There's so much mold and we can't have kids around that.
  • It's been a long time since it's been cleaned!
  • Parents have been complaining about how rough it looks...
  • The color is fading.

The More Unkept A School Looks, The More Complaints You Get From Parents!

Angry Parents? Yeah...Good luck!

Let Us Makeover Your School With The "Clean" You Need!

When Do You Need Us?

We know that time is something that NO ONE has enough of, so we will always work around your schedule! One way we try to help out, is by making ourselves available within 48 hours. This is not always possible, but usually, we can get to you and your needed service in just two days! We will make it quick and easy!

That Spotless School Is On It's Way!

That dirty school that you've been looking at for so long, is finally on the verge of being gone! It will be such a load off your shoulders when you come to work in the morning and see a beautiful building.

A little cleaning will change the attitudes of teachers, parents, and students! Catch the vision, because it's almost yours!

We're The Head Honchos!

We want only the best quality jobs for you. Because of this, we have worked hard to make our skills and experience well qualified for each job. We've worked on almost all materials and understand the different techniques to use on those different materials.

We are licensed and insured and BBB accredited too! Only the best for you...That's what drives us.
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So, What's In It For You?

1. We're quick to serve you!

2. Honest pricing

3. Caring team who delivers quality work every time

Recent Jobs

Recent Reviews

Peter Griswold

Rocky Hill, CT

Date: July 2016
Eric came by and gave us a quote to clean the roof in the back of our house. The quote was reasonable and it was great speaking with him. Eric and his crew came over the next week and took care of the mold on my roof. The crew was professional and I would recommend Eric and his crew for future jobs."

""It Was Great Speaking With Him""

Joseph Buehler

Rocky Hill, CT

Date: July 2016
Patriot Pressure Washing was run professionally and did the job efficiently with excellent results. I would use them again for future jobs."

""Excellent Results" "

Ryan G


Date: June 2016
I called Eric and he showed up the same day to provide me with a free estimate. He had a positive attitude and explained everything that he was going to do. He was able to get the job done the next day, because I explained to him that I was having company and wanted the house to look clean. Eric and his crew came the next day and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend him without hesitation!!!!"

""Exceeded My Expectations""

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