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We have received 5 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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What Cleaning Have YOU Been Putting Off?

  • The siding on my house has gotten SO dirty!!
  • I don't think my driveway is supposed to have random spots all over it...It could use a good clean.
  • My roof REALLY needs to be pressure washed!
  • My deck needs to be cleaned so's not even the original color anymore!!
  • My shed out back needs some extra cleaning!
  • My windows are really dirty and need to be cleaned.

That's A Lot Of Work To Do...Do You Even Have A Pressure Washer??

When You Do These Jobs Yourself, They Usually Do Not Produce Long-Lasting Results

We Are Here To Give You The "Clean" That You Want

How Quickly Can We Serve You?

If you call us for our services, we can sometimes show up that same day, but if not, we will set an appointment almost always within 48 hours. We know that time is a resource that no one can spare, so we try our best to work around your schedule. Another way we try to save you time is by giving you quotes for our pressure washing services right over the phone when you call.

We try to stay as easily accessible as possible so that it is easy for you to get in contact with us and get the service you need.

What Can You Expect When You Call?

When you call, Eric Palmer, the owner of Patriot Pressure Washing, will be speaking with you. He likes to answer every call so that he knows each customer is being treated with the respect and proper care they deserve.

Eric will ask you a series of questions to know more about the job you want done. He does this so that he can give you an accurate estimate for how much it will cost. Then, you will set up a time for either Eric himself, or one of his expert teammates, to serve you.

(And then your work is over and you can just sit back and relax)

We Have The Experience You Want!

Let's be real, no one wants someone who is new to pressure washing ...doing all their pressure washing! It just doesn't make sense! Luckily, we are experienced and we know how to clean your business without you having to worry!
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Job Details

Location of Job: Winsor, CT
When: Apr 28, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Pressure Washing, Salt Removal
Brief Explanation

We recently power washed shipping containers for General Paving in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. General Paving used the shipping containers (conx's) to store salt in the winter. We were able to help the client in several ways. We got to the job quickly, supplied our own water, and were able to meet all of our client's needs!

Recent Reviews

Peter Griswold

Rocky Hill, CT

Date: July 2016
Eric came by and gave us a quote to clean the roof in the back of our house. The quote was reasonable and it was great speaking with him. Eric and his crew came over the next week and took care of the mold on my roof. The crew was professional and I would recommend Eric and his crew for future jobs."

""It Was Great Speaking With Him""

Joseph Buehler

Rocky Hill, CT

Date: July 2016
Patriot Pressure Washing was run professionally and did the job efficiently with excellent results. I would use them again for future jobs."

""Excellent Results" "

Ryan G


Date: June 2016
I called Eric and he showed up the same day to provide me with a free estimate. He had a positive attitude and explained everything that he was going to do. He was able to get the job done the next day, because I explained to him that I was having company and wanted the house to look clean. Eric and his crew came the next day and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend him without hesitation!!!!"

""Exceeded My Expectations""

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